Well, you are likely not much surprised:

Ledger once more was the most popular wallet of choice by our clients in Vietnam.

Ledger – which is currently available in our shop.with the Ledger Nano S plus and the Ledger Nano X – sold more wallets than.all other manufacturers combined.

While Ledger has been in the news more than once the past year.for a variety of subjects including their hotly.debated “Ledger Recover” feature, the market has clearly spoken:

Ledger remains by far the most popular hardware wallet.(or the more accurate term: “Hardware signing device”) in the Vietnamese market.

Detractors might say that Ledger places more effort on marketing.and “fancy features” rather than tight-knit security,.while others recognize that Ledger achieved with their strategy a market penetration and reach beyond the usual “hardcore tech nerd” circles.

While the purists might scoff at it, one has to concede that Ledger brought more people to self-custody their keys (rather than trusting exchanges with them) than any other company in this space.

Net positive?

We are aware that opinions on this matter diverge.– but if you are in doubt of the safety of your Ledger product,.most issues can be mitigated via a Multivendor Multisig strategy.

Coming in on two is the hardware wallet OG Trezor,.which is currently present with their classic TrezorOne and.their more upscale Trezor T product in our line-up.

Similar to Ledger, the Trezor devices are “multicoin” wallets.– allowing their users to store a plentitude of almost any digital asset.including popular stablecoins such as USDT (Tether) or USDC (by Circle).

Serving a more narrow niche audience, the Bitcoin-only wallets by Coinkite (Coldcard) and Blockstream (Jade) are expectedly ranking on the lower end of popularity in terms of units sold.

While these wallets do have a strong fanbase of users who value the approach by Coinkite and Blockstream to “cut the crap” and reduce the attack surface of their wallet designs by focusing solely on Bitcoin, it is as expected a small minority of users who value this puristic approach.

For people who see Bitcoin as the sole worthwhile long term store of value, the Coldcard and/or Jade are likely the better options based on their security characteristics.

However, for people who take a more lighthearted approach to “play crypto” (as is the common verb in Vietnam) a multicoin wallet such as Trezor or Ledger is still a step up over keeping their coins with trusted third parties.

The team of BitcoinVN Shop will keep monitoring and releasing further data and updates over the course of 2024 – follow us for more also via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or the general BitcoinVN telegram channel.

Devices of all manufacturers can be ordered directly from BitcoinVN Shop – authorized supplier of Ledger, Trezor and Blockstream in Vietnam for direct domestic shipping from our Vietnam warehouse.

No more custom hassles – and we offer a free one hour consultation with our consulting team upon purchase of at least one of the devices to get you started the right way.


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