The Tapsigner by Coinkite is now available in BitcoinVN Shop –  direct delivery within Vietnam without customs hassles.

This is another one for the committed Bitcoiners, those who like their money boring and their security tight.

Don’t be the “lowest hanging fruit”, ripe to be picked off in the newest exploit or pig butchering scam.

The Tapsigner by Coinkite – the makers behind the industry-standard setting Coldcard – is an entry-level Bitcoin-only hardware wallet for your pocket.

The Tapsigner:

  • Keeps your keys offline
  • Convenient for signing transactions from your mobile wallet
  • An ideal choice for your Multivendor Multisig strategy

Compatible with both Nunchuk or Sparrow wallet on your mobile device.

The Tapsigner is coming in designs by our friends and partners of team Nunchuk; new designs might be added to our line-up upon request.

As with all the products you see listed in our shop – we are shipping directly from our Vietnam warehouse, if you are based in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) same-day delivery is possible.

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