You can now acquire a Steel Plate to back up your keys  – for direct delivery from our Vietnam warehouse

Your seed phrase is the key to your wealth.

Making sure that your backups are in order, hard to access and ready to survive adversarial circumstances is of crucial importance for anyone who makes Bitcoin a significant part of their long-term life savings strategy.

Hard to access = 


In the “old days” people used to improvise with paper backups (literally: Putting pen to paper) to write down their seed phrases offline.

While this works for most… – well, natural disasters like flooding (or simple pipe leaks!), house fires or your favorite pet chewing up your treasured paper backup are all real dangers and all happened to some people.

…and especially in the case of a natural disaster hitting you and your family, you would want to have access to some excess savings.

Putting your seed phrase in steel rather than on a flimsy piece of paper has literally no downsides in terms of survivability of your backup.

Don’t save Sats to lose whole Bitcoins – and make sure your backup strategy is solid.

As solid as steel.

Still feel confused about how this all works? Looking for experienced guidance?

Our team of veteran Bitcoiners at BitcoinVN is ready to assist – book a consulting session with our team today.

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