The data for the first quarter of 2024 is in, and despite regular controversies, Ledger once again proved to be the most popular hardware wallet in Vietnam by a significant margin.BV Shop sales data hardware wallet Q1 24


Although there has been a slight decline compared to the 2023 numbers, Ledger still accounted for about two out of three hardware wallets sold via BitcoinVN Shop, the official supplier of hardware wallets from Ledger, Trezor, Blockstream, and Coinkite in Vietnam.

One of the more interesting trends is the strong catch-up by Blockstream, whose Bitcoin-only wallet Jade has started to seriously outsell its “competitor” in the Bitcoin-only hardware wallet realm, the Coldcard by Coinkite.

Blockstream is even closing in on taking over rank 2 from the “Hardware Wallet OG” firm Trezor, which is in the process of bringing the Trezor Safe 3 to market (to be available in the BitcoinVN Shop from late April 2024!).

Which one is the right hardware wallet for me?

To keep in mind:

Quantity does not necessarily equal quality!

Different wallets might offer better solutions for different people based on their usage and goals.

For individuals looking to store their Bitcoin for many years, the Coldcard or Jade are likely the better options (or both – in a Multivendor Multisig setup).

However, if you are a more active crypto user and want to use stablecoins or various altcoins, then a Trezor or Ledger are possibly better choices for everyday usage.

We will continue to publish content discussing the pros and cons of various wallet types and setups, allowing you to make the best decision based on your scenario.

And if you need experienced help and guidance, we offer a paid consulting service to put you on the right path to financial independence.

For now:

All BitcoinVN Shop clients who purchase a hardware wallet have access to a free 1-hour consultation with our Security Consultant as a complimentary addition to their wallet purchase.

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