Now with every wallet purchased on BitcoinVN Shop - free 1h security consulting session to get started

You likely have heard it already many times – “not your keys, not your coins”.

You’ve certainly also seen it far too many times, that “trusted third parties” in this ecosystem mishandled, embezzled or disappeared with the funds their users entrusted them with.

You really feel the need now to take responsibility for your savings, but you have no clue where to start out with.

You are ready to finally purchase a hardware wallet and take control of your keys.

But you feel scared and don’t really know how all of this stuff works.

You don’t want to lose all your funds because you missed some crucial detail which the OG’s among us take for granted.

We understand that threshold fear – you might for the first time *ever* hold money which you control.

Fear no more.

If you purchase a hardware wallet via our online shop, we will provide you with a supplementary free 1h session with one of our security consultants which is ready to answer all your questions to get started.

You will also be granted access to our private BitcoinVN OpSec & CyberSec update Telegram channel where further resources are shared and discussed.

End the fraudulent paper Bitcoin schemes and start your self-custody journey with BitcoinVN today.

Already safely got your funds in self-custody? But got friends who might need some assistance to get their business in order?

You can refer them to our shop and earn a 5% referral reward from every hardware wallet sold.

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