The Coldcard wallet has over the past years taken as the dedicated hardware wallet of choice by Bitcoin power users across the world for its uncompromising approach toward security.

Developed by Coinkite (founded in 2012), the company founded by the Brazilian-Canadian Bitcoin early adopter Rodolfo Novak, Coldcard has been built as a Bitcoin-only wallet for users who prefer maximum security over the maximum amount of different coins/tokens the wallet is able to handle.

As such, the target audience for the Coldcard Wallet is certainly smaller than the more popular Multicoin hardware wallet providers like Trezor or Ledger – but for users who are looking for “the real thing” for the “one and only” coin that matters, Coldcard is quite potentially the most suitable solution.

Among other features it offers users a duress pin which offers a way out for the situation pictured above: If you enter this PIN a completely separate wallet from your main wallet will be displayed.

Another trait for emergency situations is a “Brick me PIN” – once entered the secure element of the device self-destructs and makes the device unrecoverable.

Coldcard is compatible as a truly air-gapped device to keep your keys away from the Internet with a large range of other common Bitcoin Wallets (see list below) and can be utilized as signing device for your Multisig setup via Nunchuk as well.

The full feature list of the Coldcard Wallet is visible here

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