BitcoinVN Shop - Your Partner Since 2014

BitcoinVN shop is the official online shop of BitcoinVN, Vietnam’s oldest Bitcoin Exchange service.

BitcoinVN has been founded with the mission to provide Vietnamese & Vietnam-based people an easy access to the Bitcoin economy and its wider applications.

The firm was founded in late 2013 by the Vietnamese-German founding team around Nguyen Tran Bao Phuong, Dominik Weil and Alex Winter and  Phil Trinh (the latter left the firm on good terms in 2018 to focus more on his private life).

BitcoinVN is still owned and operated by its original founding team.

In 2019 the firm took Hugo Nguyen onboard as Angel Investor – himself the first (known) contributor with Vietnamese roots to the Bitcoin protocol and a prolific writer & thinker on the matters of Bitcoin’s economics and security properties.

Hugo has since then ventured ahead into building Nunchuk – a startup which aims to make Multisig as a custody solution more accessible for a wider audience.

Buying Bitcoin alone is a necessary, but not sufficient undertaking to prepare for the future.

To learn and apply secure self-custody and key management are of utmost importance for the self-sovereign individual.

As such BitcoinVN Shop aims to provide tools and information to help you on this journey.

BitcoinVN Shop - Your Partner Since 2014
BitcoinVN Shop at LightningCon Da Nang 2023.


BitcoinVN Shop at Tai Zen's Cryptocurrency Investing Conference 2022
BitcoinVN Shop at Tai Zen’s Cryptocurrency Investing Conference 2022