New label “Nunchuk Partner” introduced

As we expand our cooperation with pioneering Multisig solution provider Nunchuk, we have decided to introduce a new label to further differentiate the official Nunchuk partners.

Team Nunchuk has officially partnered with team Coinkite and Blockstream – and as such, we will mark the devices of both hardware wallet manufacturers with the newly introduced “NUNCHUK PARTNER” label.

New label “Nunchuk Partner” introduced

You can purchase the Coldcard Wallet or Blockstream Jade from our online shop – with free, same-day delivery within Ho Chi Minh City and countrywide shipping for Vietnam!

Don’t you worry – if a Trezor or Ledger has been your hardware wallet of choice, those will remain compatible with Nunchuk and continue to be able to play a role in the optimal multivendor Multisig strategy.

All our clients are eligible for a free consulting session to get started the right way in their self-custody journey.

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