Zuck is getting jacked af and the stock price of $META has tripled within less than a year.

…a development which makes even flesh-devouring, iron-slinging, Sats-stacking Bitcoiners tip their mostly non-existing hats in respect.

While adventures into “the Metaverse” have drawn their fair share of criticism and ridicule, it seems that Zuck is increasingly turning a corner on his personal journey.

Combined with his strong command over the destiny of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Co. (Zuckerberg controls 57% of the voting power due to Meta’s unique share structure) it remains to be seen if he’s going for an Elon / Twitter arc in regard to the content moderation policy.

That said:

One thing he’s certainly succeeded in:

More than 10% of the global population is regularly active on Instagram – the eyeballs and the attention dedicated to the platform is on a level which no legacy media before has been able to achieve.

Given that the Internet of today is first and foremost a visual medium for the majority of users and Instagram is one of the primary successful platforms to cater to this demand, you will from now on also be able to find us via Instagram.

Product updates, special editions and the occasional give-away – all will be coming to our Instagram account as well.

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