New Coldcard Software release! (Jan 2021)

If you have purchased a Coldcard Wallet to store your Bitcoin, you might want to check out the newest Coldcard Software release (V 3.2.2 – released on 14th of January 2021).

Be sure to update your Coldcard with the newest bios for all kinds of feature updates, including:

  • Save passphrases, encrypted, onto a specific SDCard
  • Improved responsiveness of keypad entry
  • Multisig improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • And more

Upgrading Step By Step

  1. Download and verify the latest firmware release.
  2. Save the 20…-coldcard.dfu firmware file onto a SD card.
  3. Power up your ColdCard and unlock it with your PIN.
  4. Go to the Advanced > Upgrade menu and click on From SD Card.
  5. After the confirmation dialog, ColdCard will upgrade and reboot (slow).
  6. Type in your PIN again. Verify new version running with:
    Advanced > Upgrade > Show Version
  7. If you powered down during this process, to get a green light again, you may need to use: Bless Firmware in that menu.

For more info:

If you are keen to acquire a Coldcard Wallet for protecting your Bitcoins and are based in Vietnam – you can do so via the BitcoinVN Online Shop with free nation-wide shipping!

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