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Want to pass along some Bitcoin in a maximum discreet manner? Without leaving traces on-chain? With instant confirmation and no miner fees involved?

Enter Satscard – one of the many tools the good folks over at Coinkite (known mostly for being the brains behind the highly revered Coldcard wallet) brought to the world to make the most out of your Bitcoin Experience.

With your Bitcoin stored on a Satscard, you can pass along your Bitcoin cash (or gold coin) in hand – the physical holder of the Satscard holds the coins.

The upsides are obvious:

If you trade with your buddies at the local meetup or want to conduct your business.without broadcasting your transaction data to the servers.of various chain analytics companies… – a Satscard can be a viable alternative to pass along.your Bitcoin without having to initiate a Blockchain-stored transaction.

Still confused about how it works?

The team of Coinkite has a whole FAQ available – and if you rather prefer to have somebody experienced holding your hand on your Bitcoin journey, our team is ready to assist.

In case you want to swipe the funds off the Satscard, you will need a companion app such as Nunchuk which has been establishing itself as one of the spearheads in the self-custody space.  

Gift. Anonymous. Trust no one. Non-custodial.

Order your Satscard today from BitcoinVNShop

2$ from every purchase will go to the benefit of the Open Source project – the leading Bitcoin Block Explorer.

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