TL, DR: Never give your seed phrase to anybody!

Trezor Company, the manufacturer of the popular Trezor hardware wallets, has recently suffered a security breach of their support site on January 17th, 2024.

Their third-party support ticket portal was accessed by a malicious actor, leaking the confidential information of 66,000 users.

This is not a first in the cryptocurrency space. 

In 2020, Ledger suffered a similar database breach, leaking the personal data of over 270,000 users.

The recent leak included real names, user names, email addresses, postal addresses, and other identifying information of users who contacted Trezor Support between December 2021 and January 2024 for help with their Trezor device.

Don’t give strangers your seed phrase!
Don’t give strangers your seed phrase!

If you have contacted Trezor support during that time, then you need to be extra vigilant about anyone who contacts you claiming to be Trezor support.

Some users have already been contacted by scammers pretending to represent Trezor support services. In these messages, the attackers claim to need the users’ seed words in order to assist them. 

An phishing email sent to a victim of the leak shortly after the breach
An phishing email sent to a victim of the leak shortly after the breach

Trezor will never ask for your seed phrase. You must never give your seed phrase to anybody, under any circumstances. Anyone who asks you to share that information is attempting to steal your funds.

If you own a Trezor, don’t panic. 

This breach will not affect the security of your Trezor hardware wallet. 

The devices are still perfectly safe to use. 

As long as you are sure to never give your seed words to anyone, you have nothing to worry about. 

Remember, your seed phrase is your private key. The purpose of a hardware wallet is to use it to sign transactions without sharing it to your computer. Your financial security rests on keeping the seed phrase and key private. Never write or store your seed phrase in a computer for any reason.

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