Time to “ape in” Solana

Switzerland-based Macro analyst Stack Hodler on why this might not be your best decision in the long term

ETH is down 35% vs. BTC since the #Bitcoin bottom.

Meanwhile Solana is up 165% vs. BTC in the same period.

Here’s the harsh truth: Bitcoin stands alone as a long-term digital store of value.

The savers and long-term thinkers calmly stack BTC.

>70% of BTC has been held for more than a year.

Meanwhile, traders jump to whatever coin offers the best opportunity for a pump.

It used to be ETH. 

Now it’s Solana. 

Lord knows what’s next.

You can argue about functionality and “building” until you’re blue in the face.

But it’s critical to understand the game you’re playing:

People aren’t buying for the tech or functionality.

They’re buying for a chance to catch a pump.

And when a coin like ETH gets successful, it can no longer pump like the smaller market cap coins.

So it loses appeal.

It isn’t the best store of value (everyone knows that’s BTC) and it isn’t most likely to pump. 

So why own it?

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not attacking ETH. 

What’s happening to ETH now will eventually happen to Solana.

Solana will get popular, more expensive to use, and less likely to pump.

And then traders will look for the next pump.

So you have a choice: You can try to time the zero-sum crypto pumps, or you can just stack BTC and chill.

“Bitcoin Maxis” are often just people that understand these dynamics and choose not to participate in the zero-sum trading game.

I have strong conviction that institutional money will prefer to stack BTC and hold it for decades, tax deferred.

Which means significant capital will likely flow into BTC rather than trying to time ETH, Solana, or whatever comes next.

Bottom line: The risk-reward of just stacking and holding Bitcoin has never looked better.

Stack in his natural habitat - showing off the results of a disciplined low-time preference approach to life
Stack in his natural habitat – showing off the results of a disciplined low-time preference approach to life

This essay was first published by Stack Hodler on Twitter and has been under permission by the author translated into Vietnamese by the team of BitcoinVN News.

Stack Hodler is a Switzerland-based Bitcoin-centric Macro Analyst & Founder of Stack Macro – a subscription based community to make sense of a volatile world at the end of the current fiat money era.

Protecting your wealth and building a quality life as the sovereign debt bubble collapses while technologies such as Bitcoin and AI fundamentally reshape our current world order.