As supporters of the Bitcoin Frankfurt community— origin town/region to some of our founding team members and an official partner city of Ho Chi Minh City—we’re excited to share some updates on the community’s activities in the iconic Main metropolis.

May Meetup and Summer program

As the beautiful European summer months approach, the Frankfurt meetups are heading outdoors! 

The friends of the orange coin in Frankfurt / Rhein Main will be soaking up the last rays of sunlight, getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D, and optimizing their circadian rhythm at Liegewiese an der Weseler Werft, where temperatures are pleasant.

“Make sure to bring blankets to sit on as benches are limited. If you want, also bring a frisbee or similar outdoor games. There will be some beers, but probably not enough for the whole evening. Bring your own food and drinks!”

The meetups are open to the public and do not require upfront registration.

New Domain

Protocols over application layers.

As part to have independent communication channels available outside corporate Social Media, the community has moved all relevant information now also to its own domain:

BTCFFM.ORG – link it, spread it, bookmark it.

…and talking about protocols:

You can find the Bitcoin Frankfurt community also on Nostr.

Support Bitcoin FFM

The community is run and organized by a team of volunteers who contribute their free time and individual skills to make it happen.

It is fully self-funded by donations from supporters locally and globally.

As Europe enters difficult economic times its society experiences the birthing pains of a new era of decentralization, localization, networking- and community-based organization, Bitcoin Frankfurt plays its part as a mosaic to connect interested members of the public and build for a better future.

If you’d like to contribute to covering some of the costs associated with running the community infrastructure (such as venue rent, hosting, and other event-related costs), you can do so via:

Bitcoin Frankfurt on Geyser

How to get to Frankfurt?

If you’re based in Vietnam and want to attend a meetup, Vietnam Airlines offers daily direct flights between Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City and Frankfurt, one of Europe’s largest airports.

But how do you arrange a flight ticket and visa?

Well, the sad news is that Future.Travel, Vietnam’s first Bitcoin Merchant and a steady travel companion for Bitcoiners worldwide for the past decade, has closed its public doors. 

However, the good news is that alternative solutions for Bitcoiners to travel discreetly and privately will remain.

We will provide updates on some of these possibilities via our Newsletter in the coming weeks.