Anil Patel, a known and experienced Bitcoiner (having previously worked with several well-known bitcoin companies including Swan, Unchained, and Bitcoin Magazine), has over the years placed special emphasis on transforming the vast amount of mental models and interdisciplinary knowledge required to truly understand Bitcoin into the most concise and simplest way possible.

The result of this hard work is:

The Bitcoin Handbook.

While there are many highly recommended books out there that will help you deepen your understanding of Bitcoin from specific angles or broaden your knowledge in distinct related areas of expertise, Anil Patel’s book might be the one that makes debating and introducing Bitcoin to your young kids or elderly parents a much less daunting task.

The simplicity of the book is what unlocks the knowledge for an audience that has previously not had much exposure to Bitcoin.

The book might very well be the equivalent of Hazlitt’s iconic “Economics in One Lesson” for those who want to gain a basic understanding of all there is to know about Bitcoin.

A special thanks goes to Anh La, who put in the work to make Anil’s writings accessible to a Vietnamese audience, which – despite burgeoning interest in “crypto” – has only limited access to quality materials about Bitcoin in the Vietnamese language.

If you want to discuss Bitcoin and some of the fascinating concepts and ideas that come with the work to truly understand what humanity has at its hands here:

You can download the complete version of “The Bitcoin Handbook” in English here.

The translated version of the slideshow with some of the most important concepts from the book can be found here (Tiếng Việt).

If you want to tip Anh La for his work and contributions to the space, you can do so here:

Anh La (BTC on-chain)

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Low-time preference as the path to lasting happiness