The month of June is a special one in Vietnam, a nation anticipating the annual Family Day (Ngày Gia Đình Việt Nam) on June 28th.

Since one of the core metrics for the success or failure of a society lies in its ability to increase its birth rate quantitatively and strengthen the foundations of family bonds and values qualitatively, Team BitcoinVN is committed to aligning with national policy to support traditional family values.

While there has been in recent years a stabilization of the birth rate in Vietnam and the leadership of the country is taking proactive measures to encourage the early creation of families, the people of Vietnam are still reproducing at a level below the replacement rate (~2.1 births per woman).

Successfully providing and improving key economic, environmental and health factors and last but not least access to affordable housing (read: Demonetization of Real Estate as a preferred asset class!) will remain key issues to tackle in order to improve the situation for family creation in Vietnam.

“Family is the cell of society, the stronghold of country”

In this previous article, we have summarized and translated some of the highlights from various posters displayed around urban areas in Vietnam in celebration of Family Day 2023.

“Every year in June, Vietnam is celebrating and highlighting the importance of traditional family structures and values as the core pillar of a healthy society and nation.

As we are all aware from stories from different times and different places, a society which forgets what makes it fundamentally work and leaves its members without purpose to build for a better future – is destined for failure.

Luckily in Vietnam,  a country that had to go through a lot of painful struggles to regain its independence from colonial powers, the majority is acutely aware that strong family bonds are the starting and end point which make a society and a nation resilient versus hostile and exploitative outside interests.”

Family Day 2024 competition – win 210,000 Sats

In honor of the 2024 Family Day, BitcoinVN Team is organizing a design competition, awarding the winner with a prize of 210,000 Sats (~150$ at the editorial moment).

Competition Overview:

  • Title: Ngày Gia Đình Việt Nam Poster Design Competition
  • Prize: 210,000 Sats for the winner
  • Platform: Social Media (either Facebook, Twitter, Telegram)
  • Submission Deadline: 30/06/2024
  • Prize payment method: Via BitcoinVN platform.

The requirements:

  • You are married and have at least two children with your spouse
  • You are resident of Vietnam

Submission Requirements:

  1. Theme: The poster must adhere to the theme of “Ngày Gia Đình Việt Nam” in a similar style as displayed in the 2023 examples. (Reference: Socialist Realism Art Style )
  2. Originality: All submissions must be original works created by the participant. No plagiarism or use of copyrighted materials
  3. Format:
    • Digital format only
  4. Content:
    • Must include a clear and impactful message related to the theme.
    • Use of text and imagery should be balanced and effective.
    • Avoid any offensive or inappropriate content.
  5. Design Elements:
  6. Submission Process:
    • Upload the poster to your public social media account (Facebook, Twitter) using the hashtag [#ngaygiadinh2024].
    • Tag the competition’s official social media account [Facebook or Twitter].
    • Send us an email to [email protected] under the headline “Ngày Gia Đình Việt Nam 2024” with your contact information and a link to your social media post.
  7. Judging Criteria:
    • Adherence to theme.
    • Creativity and originality.
    • Visual impact and appeal.
    • Clarity and effectiveness of the message.
    • Overall design quality.
  8. Winner Selection:
    • A panel of judges will review all submissions.
    • The winner will be announced in July 2024 on our social media platforms and website.
  9. Rights and Usage:
    • By entering the competition, participants grant BitcoinVN the right to use, reproduce, and display the submitted posters for promotional purposes.
    • Proper credit will be given to the artist whenever their work is used.

Can’t design but have four kids or more?

Inbox us at [email protected] under the headline “Ngày Gia Đình Việt Nam 2024” – the first 21 successful applicants will receive 21,000 Sats

  • You are married and have at least four children with your spouse
  • You are resident of Vietnam