Depositing VND into your BitcoinVN account using cash is a straightforward process that ensures your account is funded quickly and securely. In this guide, we will walk you through each step, making it easy for you to deposit VND cash into your BitcoinVN account.

How to deposit VND into your BitcoinVN account using cash

To deposit cash into the BitcoinVN exchange, you will first need an account. Now you can also create an BVN account via Telegram for fast and secure progress.

After that, please follow these instructions to deposit VND cash to your BitcoinVN account:

  • Step 1: Access the BitcoinVN exchange.
  • Step 2: Login to your BitcoinVN account.
  • Step 3: In the “you send” section, please search and click on VND Cash (Saigon).
Please note that we now only support deposits in VND Cash in Saigon.
Click on VND Cash
Click on VND Cash
  • Step 4: In the “you receive” section, please search and click on VND Balance.
Click on VND Balance
Click on VND Balance
  • Step 5: Enter the amount of money you want to deposit. And fill some note if you want to deposit another account. Finally, click on “Swap” to process the transaction.
Click on Swap
Click on Swap

Once you click “swap,” you need to send an email to [email protected] or contact us via the Web widget to get assistance with the cash deposit. 

You need to contact BitcoinVN to get assistance with the cash deposit
You need to contact BitcoinVN to get assistance with the cash deposit

Our support team will provide you with our address and schedule an appointment for you to drop off the cash and assist you until you complete the order. 

Then you can check your balance in tab “Balance’’:

After you have a VND balance in your BitcoinVN account, you can swap to USDT or another cryptocurrency at any time you wish.

Remember that since you are storing your money on the exchange, we strongly encourage you to set a strong password and enable 2FA to keep your money safe. Alternatively, you can transfer your funds to a hardware wallet like Ledger, Trezor, or Coldcard to maximize the protection of your assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I deposit VND cash into my BitcoinVN account?

For now, the VND cash deposit service into BitcoinVN accounts is only available in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC).

Is KYC required when depositing VND cash into a BitcoinVN account?

You do not need to complete KYC, but you do need to have an account on our exchange to store your funds. If you do not yet have an account, please see the instructions here.

Is there any deposit fee or how does the arrangement work for a cash deposit?

Yes. The transaction fee for this service is: 200,000 VND + 0.5% of the transaction volume.