Update February 2024: BitcoinVN Shop is now also the official reseller of Coinkite – more can be found here.

While BitcoinVN shop has been verified as reseller of Trezor/Satoshilabs and Ledger and has held business relationships with each company for years – why is it not listed as an official reseller of Coldcard Wallets in Vietnam?

The reason for this circumstance lies in the (very understandable) strict policy by manufacturer Coinkite which sees resellers as potential “security vulnerability” and does not see themselves in the position to vouch for various resellers across the globe.

Coinkite does not have *any* official resellers for their products.

In the words of Coinkite Founder Rodolfo Novak:

“It’s a security product. So vouching for third party is not a good idea. (…) We don’t offer any certification of any kind. Not even “official” reseller. Although these can be good for sales, they are terrible for security. We believe trust should happen from bottom up in ppl’s communities where these is some form of accountability. If we vouch for any entity people will stop verifying and will start blindly trusting. No bueno :)”

The policy of Coinkite is a very reasonable stance – instead of “centralizing trust” into one entity, trust networks should be built in a decentralized fashion.

Local trust networks within the Bitcoin communities in each respective city & country instead of outsourcing your trust and due diligence to an overseas entity which can not effectively control/vouch for the trustworthiness of local players across the globe.

If you do not trust BitcoinVN as business and brand, you should *not* buy you your hardware wallets from us.

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