This week Precious Metals Trader GoldTraderAsia published its Dec 2019 report – and BitcoinVN News was able to share an exclusive look into his comments about the Bitcoin Market heading into 2020.


As I mentioned here

@GoldTraderAsia - Dec 2019 View on Bitcoinmarkets
@GoldTraderAsia – Dec 2019 View on Bitcoinmarkets.

…this is not a bullish chart.

Clear downtrend since summer and I won’t deploy any significant capital before the 6k USD area [chart above shows EURBTC!] which has been a strong resistance/battle ground for months in 2018.

I currently do not anticipate any lasting break below 6k USD; if so… – the market structure significantly worsens and Bitcoin might take much longer to climb to new highs than “expected”.

As I also said: I do *not* think it is a smart idea to short Bitcoin at these levels; the r/r is not looking great anymore after we have come down already a fair bit from the high in summer 2019. You might still be able to squeeze something out of the market, but uuuh… – dangerous game.

The full report covering Precious Metals, Stock Markets and Forex can be downloaded here: (BTC / Lightning payment) (BCH payment)