TL, DR: Yes, you can buy Apecoin now on BitcoinVN. Should you? Probably no!

For some reason we have the strong feeling, that if you read this article, you would not entertain the idea of buying “Apecoin” anyway, but for the rare ocassion that you really are not sure what to think about it… – our old advice remains the same.

Did we tell you that putting in Dogecoin is probably a stupid idea – unless poverty is your preferred lifestyle of choice?

Yes, we did.

As explicit as possible.

And still a whole lot of people went ahead and thought(?):  

“Damn, man – that’s exactly what I wanna do too! Got too much of that cash laying around here anyway, so let’s just light it up and make some space!”

Did we also tell you that the sham operation of BVNEX is going to turn out into a total scam several years before the exit scam become apparent?

Yes, we did.

And still people kept going ahead for 2 years plus, depositing their funds there – and then complaining that they could not withdraw again (quelle surprise!).

And did we tell you to just buy Bitcoin, learn about secure cold storage practices and otherwise improve your life in other areas? Like hitting the gym, making some kids or planting a garden rather than looking the whole day at candle stick charts, watching your hard-earned wealth evaporate?

Yes, for almost a decade. 

The ones who did either disappeared silently into retirement by now or went on to dedicated themselves to higher purposes – and those who didn’t… well, likely are still gambling on “new cryptocoins” until today, dedicated to stay poor for life.

Some people just enjoy the struggle we have to guess.

So – and what do you do when you send out a newsletter explaining the relevance and urgency of self-custody given the current trends in the world?

And the feedback you get is not Where can I buy a hardware wallet in Vietnam? or  Which is the best software wallet to use for cold storage?

But instead Can I buy Apecoin from you?!

As much as we would want the world to be populated by rational people who strive to level up in terms of discipline, virtue and wisdom… the truth is that not everybody who is currently populating the earth is cut out to make it and become part of the remaining 500 million.

We admittedly are living in a world where there exist a whole lot of people with juiced up brains who are thinking it’s an excellent idea to throw bottles at hostile and heavily armed armour.

So we have to admit and bow to reality:

There is simply a strong customer demand for products which make people stay poor.

And if we tell them “You probably shouldn’t do this and here’s why…”  – they will be doing it anyway to themselves, just elsewhere.

Because, like with a casino, there’s always those 90% of the population that believe they are the 10% lucky ones who come out with more money than they put in.

And that they can beat mathematical certainties via skill.

So yes – you can buy Apecoin now.

Should you?

Probably not…

And if you have any rest of common sense left and for whatever reason are in the posession of some “Apecoin” – you can get rid of it too & exchanging it for sound money via the BitcoinVN Crypto bridge, no KYC required.