While Vietnam has regularly made headlines in recent years for being the country with one of the highest rates of ‘per capita crypto adoption,’ begrudging local Bitcoiners often warned against viewing these numbers too positively.

Second-largest coffee exporter of the world - Vietnam keeps surprising
Second-largest coffee exporter of the world – Vietnam keeps surprising

Yes, Vietnam boasts huge numbers of degenerate crypto gamblers; however, the depth of knowledge and expertise displayed was often surface-level thin.

Now signs are emerging that this rising nation in Southeast Asia is once more punching above its weight when it comes to economic and academic achievements.

As recent data released by the Bitcoin protocol school Base58 shows, Vietnam came in at a surprising third rank in the number of sign-ups for their most recently opened online course for aspiring Bitcoin Developers.

Only the US and India rank above Vietnam in the interest for Bitcoin protocol development expertise
Only the US and India rank above Vietnam in the interest for Bitcoin protocol development expertise

The course “Bitcoin Developers Basics 02: Crypto + Digital Signatures” has been developed under the lead by Lisa Neigut (“NiftyNei”) who made herself a name as a world-renowned bitcoin and lightning expert. 

While having built expertise as a lightning protocol developer at Blockstream for Core Lightning, her most recent focus has shifted to lead the build-out of bitcoin protocol classes at Base58.

Students of the Bitcoin Developers Basics 02 course will become well-equipped with the following expertise:

  • All about the cryptography that makes bitcoin secure & the signatures that use it
  • Learn how elliptic curves and private keys work
  • Implement ECDSA in Python
  • learn everything there is to know about sighash flags (including the first ever tutorial for how to implement them!)
  • classic op-multisig

The full course curriculum is available here.

The course has surpassed 1000 sign ups in less than two days.

You still have time to sign up until 02.02.2024 for 50% off, the price for the course afterwards remains at an affordable 1,499,000 VND.

Bitcoin firms in Vietnam

While Vietnam is currently only origin of three Bitcoin-only or Bitcoin-centric firms with spearheading collaborative Multisig Wallet provider Nunchuk, South-East Asia’s leading Lightning Service Provider Neutronpay and Vietnam’s decade old Bitcoin OG exchange BitcoinVN, the trend indicated by above numbers shows promise that Vietnam also make soon more significant waves and contributions to the larger Bitcoin ecosystem.

The numbers above signal once more that, while persistently underestimated, Vietnam knows how to leverage its strengths and work effectively with the tools at its disposal to achieve unexpected outcomes.

Pay attention to the developments in Vietnam.

NiftyNei: “I really didn’t expect to see so many developers from around the world signing up for a Base58 course. Vietnam as number 3 was incredibly surprising as well. They beat out Argentina, which I would have suspected to be in the top 3. I’ll have to come visit or plan a bitcoin++ there at some point!”

Albert Buu: “At Neutronpay, our innovative approach marked the first-ever Lightning Network introduction in Vietnam in early 2019, ushering in a new era of seamless, lightning-fast transactions for both businesses and consumers. This technological leap has not only enhanced the efficiency of everyday global transactions into Vietnam, but has also contributed significantly to the broader adoption and understanding of Bitcoin across the country.

Our journey has been one of transformation, growth, and pioneering change. Looking ahead, our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of the Lightning Network will only intensify. With a keen focus on education, innovation, and collaboration with regulatory bodies, Neutronpay is set to further propel Vietnam’s position as a global leader in Bitcoin knowledge and usage.”

Dominik Weil (Co-Founder BitcoinVN): “Even as a veteran in Vietnam this result took me by positive surprise.
We often discuss here locally how underrecognized and overachieving Vietnam is in many areas – technology, manufacturing, agriculture and general lifestyle.

And while Vietnam has for many years been a leader in the “shitcoin gambling” sphere, these numbers show that under the surface there is a lot of hidden and silent talent building up.

This bodes very well for strengthening the amount of serious local Bitcoin business and the overall community here.”