Bringing simplicity to a space overwrought with complexity.

That is the mission of Orangefren, an exchange aggregator that makes swapping from one cryptocurrency to another as simple as a Google search (…at least when we talk about Google in its hey-days).

Orangefren was born in early 2022 and provides a valuable service to the ecosystem by offering recommendations to users on which no-sign-up exchange is best suited for their specific trades.

Orangefren can be described as a project aligned with the ethos of the Monero community, with a strong commitment to protecting the financial privacy of cryptocurrency users in an era marked by burgeoning cybercrime and increasingly targeted organized theft by criminal gangs.

Given the shaky security track record of centralized database providers in keeping highly sensitive personal information safe, it is understandable that many concerned citizens seek ways to transact that enhance their ability to protect the physical security of themselves and their loved ones.

Data that is not stored in the first place can’t be leaked to bad actors.

Orangefren regularly organizes educational meetups around the globe to shed light on the dangers of having too much information about your financial history available online and how to protect yourself with the right tools.

As an active community participant, Orangefren is, to the best of its abilities, monitoring and curating offers only from exchanges that have passed its initial assessment as being sufficiently reliable and upright in their operational activities.

BitcoinVN, Vietnam’s premier Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange (established in 2014), is proud to have qualified as one of the vetted partner exchanges for Orangefren.