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CryptoEcon 2020 coming to Hanoi!

CryptoEcon 2020 coming to Hanoi!

The year is still young, but for Vietnamese Bitcoin enthusiasts it is starting off with a bang - CryptoEcon2020 will take place in the...
5 Years Bitcoin Saigon

Bitcoin Saigon releases video footage from Five Year Anniversary

The Bitcoin Saigon community announced on Monday the final release of the video footage taken at their Five Year Anniversary in November 2019. The festivities... now available in Vietnamese! now available in Vietnamese!, the Bitcoin Blockexplorer built & maintained by Softsimon and Wiz has now been made available in a Vietnamese version. Mempool has been launched in...

All 21 Million Bitcoin Already Exist

“Every piece of money is owned by one of the members of the market economy. The transfer of money from the control of one...