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What Is the Bitcoin White Paper?

What is the Bitcoin White Paper?

A technical manifesto, the Bitcoin white paper was released in 2008 under an MIT public license for all to learn from, share and enjoy.

Bitcoin Insights: If I’d Known What We Were Starting

Ray Dillinger is one the earliest contributors to the Bitcoin protocol and has worked directly with Satoshi Nakamoto on auditing the codebase before the...
Interview Oskar Giese (UNCHAIN)

Interview Oskar Giese (UNCHAIN)

Oskar Giese is a Hamburg-based entrepreneur who has managed in the past two years to organize one of Central Europe’s leading Bitcoin events; the...

“Paper Bitcoin” – a time-proven attack by the masters of money on Bitcoin

By Jaffer Ali  BTC folks read on. As a former gold bug that still likes gold (however irrational), one learned about "paper Gold" and how...

Lightning Network’s advantages as payment technology

This post was initially published in Bitcoin Magazine and has been provided by the BitcoinVN News team with a Vietnamese translation. Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is...
Hướng dẫn tạo 2 ví Bitcoin Cash có 2 chữ kí (Multi-Sig)

How to safely backup your Bitcoin multisig wallet?

Ben Kaufman – working as permissionless Software Developer at Specter Wallet (a service aiming to provide seamless MultiSig transactions and other HODL-tech related solutions) – wrote...
Bitcoin at 12

Bitcoin at 12

Nic Carter has made over the past few years a name for himself as one of the most prolific writers on the topic of...
5 Years Bitcoin Saigon

Bitcoin Saigon releases video footage from Five Year Anniversary

The Bitcoin Saigon community announced on Monday the final release of the video footage taken at their Five Year Anniversary in November 2019. The festivities...

Neutronpay raises largest funding ever for Vietnamese Bitcoin Startup

In a recent announcement, Vietnam's leading Lightning payment processor Neutronpay revealed the successful closing of its latest funding round ($2.25m) which saw quite a...
Bangkok - Thủ đô du lịch sôi động của thế giới đầu thế kỷ 21

Ahead of Bitcoin Thailand 2023 – Interview with Piriya (Rightshift)

The South East Asian Bitcoin Community is gearing up for another highly anticipated regional get-together. After Vietnam took the lead with LightningCon 2023 Da Nang...