Bitcoin is so hard to predict. And I have a far better track record of calling the bottom than the top.

While every cycle we can expect less gains (diminishing returns), the last cycle was hurt by the covid economic crisis and bad actors like Sam Bankman Fried/FTX.

With more favorable economic conditions and ETFs on the horizon, it’s possible this cycle exceeds targets. But we also want to control expectations.

I’d say $130k is a fair target. $100k bare minimum. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we get to $200k.

Anyone giving price predictions is just guessing. All I know for sure is that Bitcoin is a legitimately revolutionary asset and now is a good opportunity to buy.

Less gains? So should I buy Altcoins instead for more profit?

Don’t attempt to dig for gold in a pile of crap
Don’t attempt to dig for gold in a pile of crap

I strongly advise avoiding any cryptocurrency project that isn’t bitcoin. Bitcoin was designed to be better money.

Anyone interested in sound money would be building on bitcoin. 

Therefore anything else is designed to make money for its creators. 

They entice you by making you think you’ll get rich, but really the whole idea is to get rich off you.

If you’re lucky, it’ll pump and you’ll sell it before it dumps, leaving some other poor person holding your bags. 

But all too often people in that space get too greedy and are left holding the bags. Once it dumps, it won’t recover, because there is no real merit in those projects.

If you want to do well in this space, just buy bitcoin.

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