The Bitcoin Saigon community announced on Monday the final release of the video footage taken at their Five Year Anniversary in November 2019.

The festivities took place in the Southern economic Capital of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, on the 28th and 29th of November.

The event stood out by an exquisite and knowledgeable speaker line-up in which all speakers entered the Bitcoin space at least in 2014 or earlier and involved various talks on fundamental topics such as privacy, scaling, data transparency and governance.

Tomo Huynh (Moderator), Richard Bensberg (Beijing), Dominik Weil (Saigon), Leonhard A. Weese (Hong Kong) and John Saeyong Ra (Seoul) on the opening panel of the Bitcoin Saigon Five Year Anniversary

To view the morning sessions, you can click here.

To view the afternoon sessions, you can click here.

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The Bitcoin Saigon community is usually meeting every Thursday offering a meeting spot for Bitcoiners from near and far of all levels; from expert to newbie; and is also regularly hosting larger public meetups and events with the aim to offer deeper education on Bitcoin-related topics.