Only three more weeks until Indonesia Bitcoin Conference in Bali is kickin’ off and the friends orange coin across the region are mobilizing and buzzing in anticipation.

We had the chance to catch up with organizer Dea Rezkitha ahead of the event with some last final brief  – and what you’re missing out on in case you still haven’t booked your trip.

BitcoinVN News: What inspired you to turn the idea of an international Bitcoin conference in Bali into reality?

Dea Rezkitha: So what inspired me to turn the idea of an international Bitcoin conference in Bali into reality is that Bali is the perfect setting for Bitcoin adoption. It was, a long time ago, considered the Bitcoin island. 

Dea Rezkitha, organizer of the Indonesia Bitcoin Conference
Dea Rezkitha, organizer of Indonesia Bitcoin Conference

Back in 2014, so many people were using Bitcoin, and its potential is here, making it one of the biggest destinations for tourists. There has been a strong Bitcoin community since 2013 as well, so having an international Bitcoin conference in Bali is a no-brainer. 

Because the place is very beautiful and it’s a very famous tourist destination, but also because the potential for a bigger Bitcoin adoption can only happen when they expose you to more Bitcoin education rather than shitcoin stuff.

BitcoinVN News: How would you rate the Bitcoin scene in Bali in general? For which type of Bitcoiner Bali might just be the spot? And for which personality type might it not be the right fit?

A diverse group of people with a shared Bitcoin passion
A diverse group of people with a shared Bitcoin passion

Dea Rezkitha: If I rate the Bitcoin scene in Bali, I think it’s a bit like divided into three types of groups. There’s a lot of crypto bros and NFT people. There’s also a pocket of long-time bitcoiners that has been in the space since 2013. But there’s also a newcomer group that is Bitcoin-curious as well. So, which type of Bitcoiner might just be the spot? There are probably a lot of Bitcoin-curious people, if I can generalize them. 

Maybe when it comes to here, in Indonesia, people like to be in harmony, and people, I guess, are also very pragmatic and like to make money. So, a lot of them even have a lot of Bitcoin; they hold a lot of Bitcoin, but sometimes they also do trading and then dive into different types of altcoin projects. Because that’s how they make money. I don’t know about the morality of that, but I guess people here are trying to make money, I guess.

BitcoinVN News: What are you the most excited about in regard to the conference? What can attendees expect?

Dea Rezkitha: What makes me most excited about the conference is just to meet with the really cool bitcoiners around the world and just to learn and connect with everyone. And then, what I’m really excited about is we are going to have an art performance that combines traditional Bali art and also Bitcoin. It’s a contemporary art performance that we as organizers and then the Balinese artist created together so it’s going to be in our opening show. This is one of the things that I’m very excited about. 

What can attendees expect? Attendees will expect plenty of time to do networking, plenty of learning. There will be two stages.

Maybe it’s a bit ambitious to have two stages. But there’s so much good content and I’m so excited to learn from all the speakers.

And then we are making it a bit long. So, on the 25th we’re going to have networking night and then 26th 27th at the conference. And then we’re going to have the after party on the 28th, so plenty of time to connect, plenty of time to relax and yeah just be in Bali and have fun!

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