THESIS: “There’s at least a 20% chance ordinals are not a flash in the pan!”

Response by Andrew Pantyukhin

Some effects to consider:

– Bitcoin blockspace finally recognized  as unique, hard-limited, precious, always 100% occupied

– The notion of “full node” will change:

  • Full nodes do not need to store block data, they just need to see it once
  • Full nodes are highly parallelizable, the IBD can run in seconds on 10k cloud vms as long as computing trust is above your requirement 
  • Full block data becomes distributed
  • Access to block data becomes paid (sats per request+volume)
  • Blockspace becomes too precious to store anything but hashes (content-addressed at first, then merkle-addressed in batches to save cost)
  • Nodes can reuse paid block data logic to store and serve referenced content data

Andrew is a software architect and engineer with years of experience building products around Bitcoin. Previously co-founder of Tangem, now independent researcher with a focus on performance, security, and applications of the core software and protocol.”

If you want to discuss his hypothesis with him further, he will also be in attendance of the upcoming LightningCon Da Nang in March of 2023.