Are you looking to buy a cheap bitcoin cold wallet to protect your money in a safe area, away from the sights of hackers? You find extremely cheap wallets, even used wallets at extremely low prices but are wondering if it is safe or not?

The following article, “real” coin players will analyze for you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of cheap wallet lines and the hottest wallet lines in the market. Carefully read the article below, you will easily find a delicious – nutritious – cheap wallet with top-notch security. What are you waiting for? Watch now!

1. “Unmasking” the tricks of selling too-cheap bitcoin cold wallets

When you search to buy bitcoin cold wallets on e-commerce platforms like Ebay, Amazon .. you will see countless units selling products with unprecedented low prices. Immediately, this great price quickly “seduce” crypto players who want to save on storage costs.

But grandparents have a saying: “There is no free lunch”. It’s rare that a bitcoin cold wallet is so cheap below the average that has good security. There are even people who have just transferred money through these poor quality cold wallet lines and have “lost everything”. Why is that?

– Firstly, cold wallets that are too cheap are usually wallets without a display. As such, you can only see important information about coins, pin numbers and accounts when connected to the phone or computer screen. As you know, if the bitcoin cold wallet always has a multi-layer security fence, so the information displayed on the cold wallet screen is always correct, with computers, hackers can easily attack and install malicious codes to steal your coins.

– Second, cheap bitcoin cold wallets are used wallets and have been filled with Seed Phrase (the recovery code of the wallet). When buying a cold wallet, if you see a wallet with a Seed Phrase code, you should absolutely not use it. Because previous users can use this code to steal your account on another device of the same type. Just transfer coins here, your private key and bitcoin account are quickly stolen and you no longer have a chance to get it back.

Having recorded the case of many Britons who lost their bitcoin accounts worth tens of thousands of pounds just because they bought the wrong cheap bitcoin wallet, the old wallet filled in the seed phrase.

A case of using used cold wallet and losing £25,000

Advice for you:

In order not to fall into the situation of “losing money” when buying a cheap bitcoin cold wallet, you need to pay attention:

– Always prioritize wallet lines with a display screen to easily observe and record your account information in the most accurate way.

– Find reputable cold wallet distribution addresses with clear commitments and warranties. Avoid buying used bitcoin wallets, wallets of unknown origin leading to unjust money loss.


2. Top best cheap and secured bitcoin cold wallet for you

Ledger brand cold wallet

This is the cheapest line of cold wallets that store cryptocurrencies today and is trusted by many people today. Such as Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X …

Ledger Nano X Cold Wallet
Ledger Nano X Cold Wallet.

* Advantages: reasonable price, easy to use interface, high security and you can use them to store many different coins on the same device. In particular, this wallet line has a built-in screen and buttons, so you can rest assured to optimally control your “heaven”. Every transaction that occurs requires a physical button. So you absolutely do not have to worry about your money being stolen by hackers.

*Disadvantage: Operation on Ledger S cold wallet is slow and limited in ability to continuously use money in cold wallet. If you have economic conditions, you should choose high-class Ledger Nano X wallets.

Trezor cold wallet

Trezor T cold wallet stores 700 cryptocurrencies
Trezor T cold wallet stores 700 cryptocurrencies.

* Advantages: Trezor wallet can store 300-700 cryptocurrencies. Trezor’s security level is extremely good. The security chip works extremely well.

Moreover, Trezor cold wallet also has a touch screen, making it easy to quickly send and receive coins.

* Disadvantage: The price to buy Trezor cold wallet is higher than Ledger.


The price of the basic Trezor One wallet is 3,200,000 VND that holds more than 300 cryptocurrencies.

The price of the high-class Trezor T wallet is 8,000,000 VND with 700 coins.

Coldcard cold wallet

If you are looking for a cold wallet dedicated to holding bitcoins, then Coldcard is a smart choice

Coldcard cold wallet with smart security fence
Coldcard cold wallet with smart security fence.

This is the only hardware wallet on the market that has the option of not needing to be connected to a computer to generate seeds and complete transactions. Thus, all your coins are absolutely secure, completely separate from virus attacks on intermediate connected devices such as computers and phones.

In particular, Coldcard cold wallet also allows you to create multiple sub-wallets to deal with emergency situations due to threats, blackmail, etc.

Disadvantages: In addition to the disadvantage of only storing bitcoins, this wallet is known as the safest and most optimal wallet for true bitcoins players.

Product price: Currently, the product is listed for 4,750,000 VND at

Above is a review of the top cheap bitcoin cold wallets with optimal security barriers, preventing hacker attacks. To order any wallet, or learn more about the genuine warranty policy, ensuring the safety of storing electronic money, please contact the hotline 098 345 8907 for advice!

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