Did you accidentally drop your bitcoin cold wallet somewhere and you can’t find it even though you’ve searched everywhere? Did you accidentally leave your wallet damaged by impact, fire or rain water for a long time? In particular, you forgot your wallet login PIN and don’t know how to get back the “huge” amount of money lying in front of you but can’t be touched?

Right now, the detailed instructions of BitcoinVN Shop’s experts will help you get your account back quickly and safely with just a few super simple steps!

Step 1: Find the Seed Phrase recovery characters of the Bitcoin cold wallet

The “golden key” to recover all the money in the old wallet is the wallet’s security sequence (also known as the Seed Phrase). Depending on the cold wallet manufacturers, there will be a different number of words:

– Seed Phrase of Ledger cold wallet is 24 words

Trezor wallet or other brands is 24 words

According to the “coin masters”, you can forget the wallet pin code, but are absolutely not allowed to forget these Seed Phrase security phrases. In other words, if you forget the phrase Seed Phrase, recovery of a bitcoin wallet seems impossible.

Please store your Seed Phrase on paper and keep it in a secret place to recover cold wallet data when needed
Please store your Seed Phrase on paper and keep it in a secret place to recover cold wallet data when needed.

Advice for you: When using a bitcoin cold wallet, you always need to back up your Seed Phrase carefully to be ready to restore your “vault” at any time.

 Step 2: Buy a bitcoin cold wallet from the same brand as the lost wallet

There are many people who send questions to the bitcoin shop saying: after losing their old wallet, they want to buy another more expensive, better security wallet to replace the old wallet, is it okay? The answer depends on how many Seed Phrase recovery characters the wallet allows you to use.

As mentioned at the beginning, each line of bitcoin cold wallets has its own set of rules for recovery words. Let’s say you previously used a Ledger wallet line with 24 recovery words. Now that you buy a default Trezor wallet with only 18 words, it will be impossible to recover the data in the wallet.


Advice for you: The simplest way to recover a bitcoin wallet is to buy a bitcoin cold wallet from the same brand as the one that has been damaged or lost. If your previous wallet was Ledger, buy a new wallet from Ledger for easy private key recovery. Similarly, if the damaged wallet belongs to the Trezor line, you can only retrieve the private key to another Trezor wallet.


Note: Absolutely do not be eager for cheap then decide to buy used cold wallet lines. Because each cold wallet has only 1 recovery code. With new wallets, these 24 Seed Phrase words are left blank and you can create a new one (you can re-enter the numbers you need to recover the money in the lost wallet). In contrast, with used wallets, the Seed Phrase has been installed before. At this point, if you enter your old Seed Phrase, the device cannot access it.

Step 3: Enter bitcoin cold wallet recovery characters

After plugging the cold wallet into the computer in offline mode, click on the item Restore from recovery phrase and enter the sequence from the Seed Phrase you have on hand. Pay attention to enter the correct characters, position …then all are done.

As soon as the full recovery phrase is received, the cold wallet system will update to recover the data contained in the old wallet. Until the screen appears the phrase “Your device is ready” as the Private Key lock and then your money will be fully refunded on this new device.

Some common questions when losing a bitcoin cold wallet

1. What if someone else finds my cold wallet?

Bitcoin cold wallet always has an automatic reset function, the data in the wallet will completely disappear if the wrong password is entered 3 times. In particular, cold wallets all have the function of swapping pin numbers, so tracking and stealing pin codes is impossible. Therefore, you can rest assured that your money is still intact if you accidentally lose your wallet.

2. What if someone else knows my seed phrase?

If your Seed Phrase is leaked, someone else can recover your wallet on another device. And your money can be stolen. Therefore, the number one priority is that you should always keep these Seed phrase numbers as safe as possible.

3. When I lose my cold wallet, can someone else transfer money to me?

Cold wallets only manage the Private Key of the bitcoin account. Meanwhile, the public bitcoin receiving address is still working normally. So, you can receive money from other people.


Above are some information on how to restore a bitcoin cold wallet when the pin code is lost, the wallet is lost or the wallet is damaged. If during the operation, you encounter any difficulties, please quickly contact the hotline 098 345 8907 for a free consultation!

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