Trezor Safe 3



Long anticipated, the newest member of the Trezor family has arrived on Vietnam’s shores

The Trezor Safe 3 –

The Trezor Safe 3 is the first Trezor to utilize a Secure Element.

After extensive research, Team Trezor achieved the ability to source a Secure Element chip (OPTIGATM Trust M (V3)) that does not compromise their standard of using open solutions in their device design.

The Secure Element provides an extra layer of protection for users. 

However, for optimal protection of your assets, our team still recommends utilizing the ultimate solution for your Bitcoin savings: Multivendor Multisig.

As the official supplier of Trezor hardware wallets in Vietnam, all devices shipped by BitcoinVN Shop come with the original holographic seal to prove their authenticity.

Is it a Bitcoin-only wallet or can I also use it to store other cryptocurrencies?

The Trezor Safe 3 is a multi-coin wallet and supports thousands of different tokens and coins, including all the most common ones. 

The device is perfectly suited as an everyday hardware wallet for your regular and irregular cryptocurrency transaction needs. 

However, a dedicated Bitcoin-only version of the firmware is available via the Trezor website.

What are the shipping terms?

Within HCMC (Saigon), orders are generally delivered within 24 hours.

If you are based outside Ho Chi Minh City, shipping usually takes 2-3 business days.

Can I get assistance in setting up the device?

For a limited time, we provide a complimentary 1-hour consultation session with our in-house security consulting team to get you started the right way on your self-custody journey.

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At a glance

– Two-button pad
– 0.96” Monochromatic OLED128 x 64 pixels
– USB-C connection
– Send, receive, stake & trade
– Connect Trezor: MacOS/Windows/Linux/Android
– View only: iOS

Device security

– Secure Element protectedCertified Chip EAL6+
– Open-source security and design
– PIN & passphrase protection
– On-device entry


– Increase privacy with coin control
– Protect identity with Tor

Backup & recovery

– 12-, 20- & 24-word wallet backup
– Advanced Multi-share Backup


– Two-factor authentication & FIDO2 Standard

Product details

– Products size & weight 59x32x7.4 mm / 14 g
– Package size & weight 145x92x21 mm / 66 g
– Operating temperature-20°C to +60°C
– CPU180MHz embedded ARM processor (Cortex M4)

What’s in the box?

– Trezor Safe 3 hardware wallet
– USB-C → USB-C cable
– 2x Wallet backup card
– Start-up guide
– Trezor stickers

Safety & certifications

– All Trezor devices are CE and RoHS certified meeting all quality, reliability, and environmental standards. Trezors are X-ray safe and suitable for air travel.


– Durable PMMA plastic with hidden-tilt effect, tamper-evident casing, anodized aluminum backplates, precise buttons, and intricate laser engraving.


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