Best Ledger Safety Practices

How to prevent getting exploited via fake Ledger software?

Keep the points below in mind – and you and your funds shall be safe.

Always be careful and practice established security methods. Better safe than sorry!


  • Do not enter your seed into anything except the Ledger device itself!
  • Download / update Ledger Live software from official website only!
  • Never use a search engine to navigate to the Ledger website!
  • Ignore all messages related to Ledger in your inbox and mark them as spam!
  • Never click links or install software sent to you via email!
  • Never respond to someone’s request to download remote applications (TeamViewer, Anydesk etc.)!
  • Always conduct a small amount test while sending or receiving your funds and verify that the correct wallet address was copied/pasted into the address bracket (check at minimum first & last 5 digits!)
  • Verify your Ledger Live software is authentic:

  Full Guide:

Official Ledger Live app:

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