Providing convenient and seamless solutions is at the heart of our mission at BitcoinVN, Vietnam’s premier Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency exchange.

Okay, so you already know that you can use the BitcoinVN swap and BitcoinVN cash out function (VND bank wire or cash pick-up) without the need for signing up for the platform.

But what about when you want to use other functions of the platform, such as temporarily storing your assets on the platform or participating in the BitcoinVN staking program?

You will need an account.

And while classic account creation via email or “Big G” (Google) has been an option for quite some time, you can now also sign up for BitcoinVN via your Telegram account.

As an account holder you will also be able to receive instant notifications from BitcoinVN about your swap completions or staking rewards.You are also eligible to build up your balance of XBV tokens which allow you among other goodies access to reduced swap fees.

What’s more:

Telegram allows you to acquire anonymous virtual numbers to set up your Telegram account for further improved privacy.

These numbers are available for purchase on the Fragment platform which serves as an auction house for anonymous Telegram numbers as well as Telegram user handles.

In order to bid on the Fragment platform for an anonymous number you are required to own TON (“Telegram Open Network”) tokens, which you can acquire among other places at BitcoinVN for Vietnamese Dong or any other supported crypto asset.

Our full guide on how to create a BitcoinVN account via Telegram login