You have come across our firm and are interested in some of the products and services we have to offer.

If you haven’t followed our journey for the past ten years and are possibly even interacting with us the very first time, you might have no idea why or how you can trust us.

Given the vast amounts of scam and fraud schemes which prey on unsuspecting victims every day – a more than legitimate question!

To make it easier for you to determine whether you can trust us, our team has summarized some of the key points which might assist you in your decision.

1. Over a decade in business as Vietnam’s oldest Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency exchange

BitcoinVN is the oldest and longest-running Bitcoin exchange service in Vietnam.

The exchange was launched in early 2014 by a team of Vietnamese and European entrepreneurs.

First website in 2014 - not exactly a beauty, besides the Bitcoin price
First website in 2014 – not exactly a beauty, besides the Bitcoin price

The launch has been covered among other places in publications such as:

Locally famous Author Andrew Rowan covered the early years of Bitcoin in Vietnam as well in his blog:

2. Founders are non-anonymous and with a long-standing reputation

The founders are not anonymous and Dominik in particular has been a regular at various Bitcoin conferences around the globe and has been involved early as one of the founding members of the Bitcoin communities in Frankfurt and Saigon.

Some examples can be found below:

“Inside Bitcoins” – Tel Aviv, 2014

UNCHAIN – Hamburg, 2018

“Indonesia Bitcoin Conference” – Bali, 2023

3. Physical footprint across Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

Our team also has a “physical footprint” via our Bitcoin ATM department.

All the location owners who themselves are long-standing reputable members of the expat & restaurateur community in Vietnam know our team and team members.

Find out more about our locations in town:

4. Official business partner of Ledger, Trezor, Blockstream et al.

We are official hardware wallet suppliers of industry leading companies  like Ledger, Trezor and Blockstream in Vietnam – all of them have directly dealt with our team in the past and we have an ongoing business relationship with them. 

5. Embedded in the local community in Saigon

Our team has and will continue to build relationships with reputable movers and shakers in our hometown of Saigon.

We have spoken at local Universities, visited producers and manufacturers and built relationships – professional and personal – with hundreds of people across town and the country over the years.

It is not difficult to find personal references with good standing in the community who are able to vouch for our reliability and professionalism.

6. Embedded in the global Bitcoin communities

Members of our team have been founding and/or long-standing active members of Bitcoin communities around the world, with a special focus on our local Bitcoin community in Saigon/Vietnam as well as the Bitcoin community in Saigon’s partner city Frankfurt in the beautiful central European state of Hesse.

Our team members have been in a leading role to bring the first Bitcoin-centric conference to Vietnam in 2016 and been supportive of global community initiatives (online and offline) for our entire time in the ecosystem.

In 2023 our team co-organized LightningCon Da Nang and was a proud sponsor. We spoke at and attended the regional Bitcoin events in Bangkok and Bali.

7. Check our Trustpilot profile

If you want to see what others have to say about our services outside our own social circles – check out our Trustpilot profile.

8. Largest Lightning Routing Node in South East Asia

…at least we believe that’s the case.

Our Lightning routing node is one of the Top 50 in terms of global capacity and is peer to some of the largest names in the Bitcoin- & Cryptocurrency industry.

To many of the firms and projects we are peered with direct personal contacts exist – and well… the Lightning Node is an “on-chain” proof of our financial reserves.

9. Angel Investment by Bitcoin Core contributor & Nunchuk Founder Hugo Nguyen 

If you don’t know much about Bitcoin, you might not know about Nunchuk or the extraordinary feats Hugo and his team have brought to the table to advance the cause of Bitcoin.

If you do know anything about Bitcoin, then you know Hugo and his Nunchuk project are a well-established household name in the space, known for advancing the adoption of collaborative Multisig across the entire ecosystem.

Hugo, after having worked with and observed the team of BitcoinVN for several years, decided in 2019 to become an Angel Investor in BitcoinVN.

We are grateful to have him on board on our mission.

10. Angel Investor in South East Asias leading Lightning Service Neutronpay

Having bootstrapped our company from scratch in the early days, we know about the value of having well-aligned, capable and business-savvy people on your side.

After having worked with Albert and his team for two years, BitcoinVN decided in 2021 to become the lead seed investor into Neutronpay which has since then evolved into South East Asia’s leading Lightning Service Provider.

We are committed to give back to fellow founders in the ecosystem around us to strengthen the Bitcoin network and the toolings available for many years to come.

11. Active contributor to the Open Source community

Without the existence of Open Source and its culture none of us would be here today and you would certainly not read this article right now.

As such we believe that it is the duty of every company, every project and every individual in this sector to do their part to give back to the Open Source community if they are in a position to do so.

While as a Vietnam-based company our means might be more limited than others, we attempt to do our part.

Some of our efforts are documented here.