LightningCon Da Nang 2023!

Long anticipated – and what an event it was.

After more than three years break, the Bitcoin community in Vietnam pulled together and brought about a two-day conference at the beautiful seaside of central Vietnam in the rising coastal city of Đà Nẵng – all embedded in the palatial surroundings of the Furama Resort at Bắc Mỹ An beach.

In what many of the participants perceived as a kick-off for more Bitcoin-focused events and conferences in Asia, the first day saw a heavy emphasis on technical topics around the Bitcoin protocol in general – and the Lightning Network as Bitcoin’s most successful payment protocol in specific.

LightningCon Da Nang saw participants from all five continents (North- & Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia) coming together, sharing the similarities and differences in their prospective environments when it comes to enhancing and enabling Bitcoin adoption.

It was an event driven by entrepreneurs and techies looking to build the infrastructure and baselayer for those who are ready to prosper in the next few decades – for an age after fiat.

A sense of urgency was perceived among all participants given the ever faster deterioration of the old system of fiat money which is causing blow-ups and destruction in an ever accelerated and exponential manner.

The run on the exits will be monumental.

The second day saw various “big picture” topics covered, from investing into Bitcoin companies in a rising world based on Sound Money, opting out of the surveillance panopticon and the moral imperative for Bitcoin as a baselayer for a healthy and sustainable society.

Especially the last panel saw some fireworks which sparked discussions for days to come among the participants and the audience.

The event brought together Bitcoiners from all over the world (North & Latin America, Africa, Europa, Asia and Australia) while it managed to keep the usual crowd of shitcoin peddlers which tend to infest many events on this side of the planet outside the gates.

A special thanks to team Neutronpay which has been leading the charge to make this event a reality for the event organization – but even more so to all the Bitcoiners whose contributions small and large made for an event which ended up on the higher end of expectations for all participants.

The full recordings are also available here.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR LIGHTNINGCON DA NANG 2024 – we hope to see you all back for more in March 2024!

Malcolm Weed (Neutronpay): “I think the conference had a great speaker lineup and sparked some very interesting debates and thoughts across the spectrum. There was also good bitcoiner representation from across Asia. Looking forward to it all again in 2024!”

Koji Hagashi (Diamond Hands Community): “A really inspiring event and enthusiasm was felt throughout the event. I believe the time for Bitcoin and Asia has finally come” 

(Watch Koji’s speech on “Introduction to the world of Lightning routing” here)

Leo Weese (Bitcoin & Privacy pioneer & advocate): “It’s great to see Asia’s first conference dedicated to the Lightning Network take place in Vietnam, which has been at the forefront of cryptocurrency development in Asia for years.”

Louis Liu (Mimesis Capital):  “The LightningCon proved to be an exceptional experience for attendees interested in expanding their knowledge on the subjects of bitcoin and Lightning, thanks to the outstanding efforts of the event organizers who made it happen.” 

(Watch Louis’ speech on “Bitcoin as generational wealth” here)

Jimmy Song: “Great experience hanging out with Bitcoiners in SE Asia. This is one of the fastest growing regions of the world and the energy at the conference reflected it.”

(watch Jimmy’s speech on “Fiat ruins everything” here)