The Indonesian Bitcoin conference, sponsored in part by BitcoinVN, was recently executed in impressive fashion on the beautiful island of Bali.

Notable speakers such as Block founder Jack Dorsey, famous bitcoin proponent Samson Mow, podcaster Stephan Livera, and BitcoinVN’s founder, our own Dominik Weil, spoke to Bitcoin’s transformative power.

Anna from team HodlHodl giving out some Lightning trade stats in Bali
Anna from team HodlHodl giving out some Lightning trade stats in Bali

There were workshops, networking events, parties, and a lightning hackathon. But the most impressive thing about it was the comradery felt by all the bitcoiners, and the excitement we all felt of being on the cutting edge of this emerging technology.

I had the great pleasure of attending as BitcoinVN staff, and the impact it had on me cannot be overstated. Any bitcoiner knows how lonely it can be, being acutely aware of the transformative power of this technology, yet all that passion falling on the deaf ears of our friends and families. I cannot stress enough how amazing it is to be surrounded by like-minded individuals, all happy to discuss this technology and its implications for the future.

Max Hillebrand of Wasabi/Wabi Sabi discussed the technical aspects of privacy technology on the blockchain. Bitcoin Saigon’s own Andrew Pantyukhin gave an in depth view of data analytics of Bitcoin’s code base. Erik Cason gave a moving speech on the ethics and morality of bitcoin.

I had the honor of meeting a variety of Bitcoiner developers in the audience. I shared a beer with Raj Maitra of Bitshala, an education initiative for bitcoin developers in India. I had lunch with Luke Childs of Umbrel. And so many fellow plebs, just like me, who were just excited to be there. 

To all the bitcoiners out there, if you get a chance to attend a conference, take it. 

There is nothing as electrifying as the energy and enthusiasm of when bitcoiners converge.  

And if you are not yet a bitcoiner, study bitcoin and you will be. 

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