Cash2VN starts to accept USDT-SLP immediately for its Remittance Services to Vietnam which allows anyone in the world to send funds to recipients in Vietnam fast & at a very competitive pricing.

USDT (Tether) started in summer this year to release a Simpleledger (SLP)-based solution of its popular Stablecoin, which is well on its way to break a 20bn$ market cap by end of the year and has become the backbone of a lot of settlement infrastructure in the Cryptocurrency space.

This announcement is following the move by mother company BitcoinVN to add USDT-SLP to its services in order to provide a cheaper alternative to transfer USDT (Tether) without relying on the increasingly congested Ethereum Blockchain.

Cash2VN was launched in 2015 by the founding team of BitcoinVN to utilize cryptocurrencies for their properties to provide fast & cheap global value transfers.