“You call yourself BitcoinVN – but then don’t allow for Bitcoin to be staked?! Why?!”

This thought or similar might have gone through your mind when you have clicked on the link to this article.

The reason why no Bitcoin staking is offered on BitcoinVN is pretty simple:

Bitcoin is the primary reserve asset and as such there is no necessity for our firm to access outside funding to manage operational liquidity involving Bitcoin.

While other crypto assets might in the short-term increase their value measured in Sats – the track record shows that over the long-term there is in all likelihood a negative expected value attached to retain any other crypto asset on the balance sheet.


Source: https://charts.woobull.com/
Source: https://charts.woobull.com/

Taking a conservative approach, it is therefore advisable to reduce balance sheet exposure to various non-Bitcoin crypto assets.

While we won’t actively advise people to invest into any particular asset,  people make their own choices based on their own research and opinions and it is not on us to judge them for it.

We are not creating the demand – but we are catering to the existing demand.

Hence users are able to stake their assets with the platform and will be rewarded with a part of the generated transaction volume of the specific crypto asset.