TL, DR: You can now swap TON into Vietnamese Dong, Russian Ruble or any of the other almost 100 digital assets listed on BitcoinVN. 

And vice versa of course – with no account sign-up required.

Shitcoins, shitcoins, shitcoins… – a seemingly never-ending flood of new tokens get born by the week, preying on the inherent unbreakable gambler habit in any high-time preference individual under the sun.

So what’s so special about this one?

Well, while we certainly do not provide any endorsement or investment advice, the one thing one can at least say about TON is that there is an actually working product on the market for it.

Telegram messenger has established itself as *the* prime messenger app used among crypto users from around the world and reported in October of this year an active user base of 700m people and 2m new sign-ups every single day.

Pavel Durov, whatever one might think about him as an individual or his background, is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished tech founders of this generation whose products have provided value to a significant number of the world population.

While criticism regarding the lackluster encryption of Telegram persists, the fact that it remained one of the few large platforms which allowed people to discuss and share information which was not following the preset narrative has made Telegram one of the primary outlets and communication tools for dissidents around the world.

“Number go up” Durov-style

TON itself is first and foremost a type of voucher usable within the Telegram ecosystem.

The recent launch of Fragment allows Telegram users to buy or sell Telegram usernames, as well as the ability to register for Telegram without the need for a SIM card.

That is a very compelling and interesting use case indeed.

“Why do you need that TON shitcoin for it?! Couldn’t they just use Bitcoin!?” some might feel compelled to ask.

Well, they certainly could.

But they decided not to and that using their own “in-app” currency seems for them a more prudent business decision.

As with any type of voucher scheme “in the real world” where you exchange liquid cash for vouchers which can only be used for products of the issuing company / ecosystem… there is an economic reason why these entities and organizations issue vouchers for their services.

Hoarding vouchers is by and large likely not a good investment of available capital, but then again… we are not providing investment advice and might very well be wrong on this one.

TON use cases on – Telegram’s digital collectible auction platform

So there is a very compelling usecase – which does not equal that it will make for a great investment.

You are the steward of your own capital, so do what you deem appropriate with it.

But if you want to get your hands on some TON to utilize some of the premium features of Telegram, you can do so now via direct bank wire transfer from any Vietnamese bank account.