Earlier this month – and ahead of the much anticipated inaugural LightningCon Da Nang – the.team of BitcoinVN News released the Vietnamese translation of the rigorous “Understanding Lightning”.report by the Japanese Diamond Hands community

The release included a new chapter on the Vietnamese Lightning ecosystem.– which has now been made available also in English.

You can read the English version here 

As a conclusion:

While adoption of the Lightning network, a second layer designed.for payment transactions on the Bitcoin Blockchain,.has seen strong growth trends for the past years,.we are still at the very beginning of the widespread adoption of this technology.

Vietnam has seen its first leading commercial service providers emerge.in the form of Lightning Payment Processor &.Wallet app Neutronpay and Vietnamese Bitcoin Exchange service provider BitcoinVN.

And as a pioneering act: The first Lightning ATM in Asia was installed in.the offices of Future.Travel back in 2019.

The local Bitcoin Community in Saigon has been regularly providing.educational seminars and efforts since 2018 on the matter.of the Lightning Network – and has since then moved forward with its.efforts to build its own network of local Lightning Node operators.