You got some cash in Vietnam and would like to convert it into Bitcoin, USDT or any other common cryptocurrency.

What options do you have? How to buy Bitcoin or USDT with cash in Vietnam

Small scale (a few hundred up to ~2k$)

For smaller amounts of Vietnamese Dong in cash, our Bitcoin ATMs are the ideal solution.

Fast, private, and convenient – you can visit the location at any time of your choosing (as long as it’s open! Check the opening hours on our website).

The machines support not only buying Bitcoin but also the reverse: 

You can cash out your crypto to cold, hard Vietnamese Dong as well.

Whether you’re a tourist visiting beautiful Vietnam or part of potentially underbanked demographics such as the rising number of Digital Nomads who make Vietnam their home or English teachers who earn their money via online classes:

If you need some quick cash on hand, our machines and bilingual support team are ready to serve.

Attention: This option is currently only available in Ho Chi Minh City!

While our colleagues of the Bitcoin ATM department are looking to expand our coverage to further locations in Vietnam (know any interested venue hosts? Get in touch!), we would like to urge you to keep an eye on our website or social media channels for new locations popping up in other towns and cities across the country.

Mid-sized scale (2k$ – 10k$)

Now we’re starting to talk about slightly more serious amounts of money. 

Not enough yet to onboard with our OTC desk (starting at $10k+), but numbers where you would prefer to avoid the comparatively high BTM charges.

While we can’t promise that we can handle each and every situation if you “fall between the cracks”, feel free to message our Customer Support team to see if they can help in your specific situation.

Cashing out? 

No problem at all – you can use the Cash Office option on our website (currently covering HCMC (Saigon), Hanoi, Hue and Hoi An)  to convert any accepted cryptocurrency into Vietnamese Dong with the cash ready to be picked up at one of our locations. 

And you don’t even need to sign up for the platform to use this service.

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Large scale (10k$+)

Okay, you’ve just sold your Lambo because you feel it ain’t really worth it – or any other type of scenario where you suddenly have a surplus of cash on hand that you would like to convert.

Our Private Client Services division will guide you through the process to onboard with our OTC desk. 

Our desk is able to facilitate large-scale transactions depending on your specific situation – rest assured, there is little we can’t do if your background and inquiry are legitimate*.

Get in touch – BitcoinVN OTC desk

*However, if you are part of some fraud ring – please spare yourself and us the time. 

With over a decade of experience, we will sniff you out very quickly, and you will be blacklisted from our services forever.

How to buy Bitcoin or USDT with cash in Vietnam