You don’t have a local bank account or credit card, but you have some Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency and want to get your hands on some fresh Vietnamese Dong? You’ve come to the right place.

You can sell your coins for cash on BitcoinVN. But how does it work? How do I withdraw money in Vietnam?

How to pick up VND from our cash office

  1. Navigate to the exchange and select the coins you want to convert on the left side, and the cash pick-up option on the right side. Enter your phone number and click “Swap”.
  2. Fund your order by making the payment.
  3. Once your deposit is confirmed, we will call you to arrange the appointment for picking up the cash.
  4. You pick up your cash.
Still with our old logo - but our firm's history reaches almost a decade back
Still with our old logo – but our firm’s history reaches almost a decade back

You will be interacting with a team with years of experience,.stemming from launching the first Bitcoin Exchange in Vietnam back in 2014.

“I have a very large amount I want to transfer,.but would like to get a more personal service!”

If you are looking to transfer over 200m VND per transaction.(with almost no upper limits), we will put you in touch with our OTC desk which.will be able to personally facilitate your transaction.

“I have a very small amount I want to transfer, but is there a more convenient and faster option?”

Yes. If you are transferring amounts below 20m VND,.in most cases a visit at one of our Bitcoin ATM machines in Ho Chi Minh City will.allow you to pick up your cash straight from the machine.

Convenient, private, and you can walk in at any time of your liking.during the opening hours of the venue and pick up your cash.

In case of any issues occurring, customer service is available in English and Vietnamese.

How to prepare

Our office is not a walk-in office. Access will only be granted upon appointment.

You will be able to book a fix appointment/pick-up time.with our team after the transaction has been initiated.

Our team has implemented very streamlined operations which.result in fast service and highly competitive pricing for our client base.

While this is to the benefit for the majority of our clients (time is money after all!), we understand that some clients are looking for further guidance on.their general approach to the ecosystem.(which wallet and custody solution to chose, “which coins to invest” etc.).

Please understand that our cash office team members.won’t be able to provide consultancy around these topics. Their focus is on fast and trustworthy delivery of service of our cash office.operations for our client base.

We provide a lot of free information via our news page and newsletter. For more in-depth consulting we have our team of well-seasoned experts available to discuss with you any issues around the ecosystem you might face.

“How can I trust your company and that you won’t just run away with my money?”

Our company has been in operation for close to a decade in Ho Chi Minh City.

BitcoinVN launched the first Bitcoin Exchange in Vietnam in early 2014 and is as such one of the longest-operating Bitcoin exchanges in the world.

Our German and Vietnamese Co-Founders have been participating in Bitcoin and general business events as participants and speakers at home and abroad since 2013.

The company operates several physical outlets across town, located at venues of very well-respected members of the F&B and business communities in the city.

Last but not least, you can also take a look at the reviews on our Trustpilot rating.