You have made the decision to stake some of your Digital Assets with BitcoinVN and the passive income starts rolling in.

But in order to take full advantage of the compounding effect, you would like to re-invest any staking returns, to increase your passive income from staking even further.

Clicking every other day on your BitcoinVN balance to convert your returns into more staking assets manually?

That’s not really passive.

Welcome to auto-staking with BitcoinVN.

In this example Auto-staking for XTZ is disabled, while auto-staking for XMR is enabled

Now with the simple click of a button in the staking dashboard, you are able to automatically reinvest any returns made into an even greater share of the available staking vault assets.

That is, as long as there are free allocations left in the staking vault (vault sizes are capped and will only be increased in case there is a strong volume increase for the underlying asset).

If you are looking for a better understanding of how the mechanics of the BitcoinVN staking program works, this article might be of interest to you:

How does staking on BitcoinVN work?

Risk disclosure: 

Staking on BitcoinVN is by necessity a custodial service.

You are giving up custody of your coins in order to provide liquidity to the exchange and be rewarded a portion of the exchange fees in return.

Our general advice remains to learn about self-custody and to not trust third parties with your savings unless you fully understand and are willing to accept the risks.

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