BitcoinVN Co-Founder Dominik Weil was recently taking part in the newest episode of “Talk with leaders” by TechBiz Vietnam under the title “Blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT-basic explanations. Is blockchain technology necessary for business?“ 

The conversation covered a wide range of topics from crypto-based remittances, the current hype of NFT’s and what the limitations of Blockchain technology are.

Dominik expressed his general belief that the ongoing adoption of the Lightning Network as Bitcoin’s payment layer will be a game changer for borderless value transfer; while he was cautioning against the current speculative hype in the NFT space (“you should be happy with what you purchase at the time of the purchase”).

The use case of NFT’s as “store of value” however is for the most part highly questionable, especially in cases where the artist is not dead yet (preventing him from ever producing any more NFT’s and thereby guaranteeing scarcity in a certain sense).

As for the general business environment he saw despite the lost year of 2021 for Vietnam the ingredients available to make a strong comeback in the coming years due to the Vietnamese drive and mentality to solve problems in a pragmatic way.

The full interview can be seen here: