While some people follow a prudent, long-term strategy of “Stacking Sats” to become the “new, wealthy elite” which shall inherit the Earth & rebuild society after the current wave of fiat-money-induced insanity has run its course… There are those among us who indeed prefer to get out a lot of fun from habits which make them stay poor.

If you feel that going to the Casino is your way of preparing for retirement while knowing fully well that the odds are stacked up firmly against you but think that losing money with Memecoins is at least funnier than with the blood-loaded fiat currencies – then you can do so now on BitcoinVN.

If that is indeed you:

You can buy and sell Dogecoin now directly for Vietnamese Dong on BitcoinVN – for bank wire from any Vietnamese bank.

This could be you - heavily loaded Doge
This could be you – heavily loaded Doge

Dogecoin innovates with an unlimited supply of 10,000 Dogecoin issued per minute,  – a 60 sec Blocktime, a codebase that is not actively maintained and a creator who left the project because he did not find his own joke funny anymore.

It is totally ridiculous – but if throwing money at something totally ridiculous is exactly your type of thing, you’ve got a direct VND-DOGE gateway available now right here.

Just be prepared for engine failure mid-way.