Having successfully run the Bitcoin ATM business since 2016, Bitcoin Vietnam continues to expand and is currently looking for location partners to host brand new Bitcoin ATMs (or BTMs) across Vietnam. Attractive benefits are also available for agents who help us secure the location.

What is a BTM?

BitcoinVN BTM placed at Italiani’s Pizza Han Thuyen restaurant in 2017
BitcoinVN BTM placed at Italiani’s Pizza Han Thuyen restaurant in 2017.

BTM is a terminal that allows customers to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for cash as pictured above.

Why host a BitcoinVN BTM?

There are several benefits for a location to host a BTM:

  1. Monthly direct cash flow. BitcoinVN offers a revenue share model for location and agent partners
  2. Indirect revenue coming from BTM users. A typical Bitcoin transaction takes 5-30 minutes. Many BTM customers prefer to spend the waiting time enjoying the food and drinks offered by the hosting partner.
  3. Having a Bitcoin ATM at your location increases the likelihood the local Bitcoin community might select your location as one of their regular venues. Italiani’s Pizza is hosting the local Bitcoin community on several occasions a year with pictures from the venue making their ways through all the Bitcoin-related Social Media
  4. A free tourist attraction. As reported in Saigon Oi magazine, “As we left, I noticed a bitcoin ATM in the downstairs dining area. “Yes, it’s a bit of an attraction for tourists actually. We have one of the only ATMs in the city where you can buy and sell bitcoins. We get lots of Japanese and Koreans coming in to see it, then staying for food. It’s quite a draw,” says Kevin. He secured it through his relationship with [BitcoinVN], and plans to include them in his other restaurants across the country.
  5. Free marketing for the hosting business
    • On Google Maps “BitcoinVN ATM Italiani’s Pizza” has attracted more than 50,000 views
    • On Facebook, Twitter and its own website and blog BitcoinVN helps to promote the hosting locations to its monthly reach of currently close to 10,000 viewers
    • BTMs are highly innovative and hence represent a point of interest for consumers and journalists alike. The attraction can help feature the location partner in thematic online and print media

Are there any risks hosting a BTM?

Location partners do not take any legal or financial risks by hosting a Bitcoin ATM. The ownership and responsibility for the operation of the BTM remains solely on BitcoinVN. According to Vietnam legislation, buying and selling cryptocurrencies is not prohibited. In fact, the Vietnam cryptocurrency industry and community is expanding rapidly. BitcoinVN itself has been featured on VTV, a national TV channel.

How satisfied are the existing location partners?

BitcoinVN is proud of the existing relationships where BTMs have been deployed. For example, our relationship with Kevin, the founder of Italiani’s Pizza, spans over 3 years. A BTM has been placed not only in Kevin’s original location, but also at the second branch that has been opened some time later, showing his satisfaction with the BitcoinVN partnership.

How can I find more information about the opportunity?

Please send an email to [email protected] in order to get more information and get in touch with us.