If entertainment of the more light-hearted kind is your type of thing, then Tiktok is certainly the place to be and you are likely not reading this article anyway.

“Words are for nerds!”

So: Click follow, like the videos and share! But if you expect a more nuanced take about what is happening here, then read on.

Brain crack with Chinese characteristics

Tiktok is the social media platform which has seen the most meteoric rise over the past five years.

It established itself as the platform of choice for the majority of the world’s youngsters.

Brain crack with Chinese characteristics to fry and reprogram the cerebral neurons of the viewers in a way the content and algo creators deem fit.

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in (…) society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.

– Edward Bernays, “Propaganda” – 1928

Talk about efficient fifth level warfare.

Tiktok predecessor - when propaganda delivery was a far more unwieldy process
Tiktok predecessor – when propaganda delivery was a far more unwieldy process

In the old days airplanes had to carry and drop leaflets to fight the battle for the minds of the target audience. In the 21st century highly individualized propaganda is being streamed right into every susceptible person’s mobile electronic devices.

How far we’ve come! And who can blame them? The usual Bitcoin crowd constantly wallowing in paranoia, doomer-gloomerism are rather unpleasant for most people to be around.

They urge you to do something about your situation, they tell you that there will be pain, battle and work. The vast majority of people doesn’t want to to hear it.

What does the average person want? Being entertained. And Tiktok has brought that game to a whole new level. Highly addictive, nonsensical amusement for those who like to spend their waking hours on more light-hearted humor.

At some point in life you recognize that there is no saving the vast majority of people. The game is the game, the rules are the rules.

You can wish for the rules being different all you want – but it won’t lead you to the outcome desired. You must adapt and follow what works.

What’s the next step?

Utilizing these platforms to bring our programming to the target audience.

We will continue to write and produce our “highbrow” content geared toward the self-conscious individualists, but if we don’t want to miss out on reaching out to the masses, we need to go where their eyeballs are.

True power is gained the more successful you are to convince people of your ideas. And in 2023, the tool-of-delivery for that purpose is increasingly TikTok.