TL, DR: BitcoinVN now also on GAB


Given the ongoing drive to deplatform, cancel and shadow-ban every person or entity which is not sufficiently supportive of the current thing, it is prudent to prepare for the time when no Fiat-Maximalist-owned platform will be allowing any longer for content and opinions outside the sanctioned narrative.

Any Silicon-Valley owned platform will ultimately be taken over, controlled and coerced to assure that any content on their platforms will adhere to the same limited range of information and opinions which are getting distributed through more traditional media like TV & so-called “newspapers”.

Gleichschaltung and control of the flow of information has always been a key tool for autocratic regimes in their strive for power and control over a target population. 

It is the very reason that in any coup, in any war… taking out or taking over radio and TV stations and other means of mass communication has always been a primary target.

Distribution of information and the means to do so are a weapon – in the age of information warfare even more so than ever.

There is an open war going on – and any infrastructure that can be used to suppress non-aligned entities and individuals *will* be used against them.

And being complacent and naive in war is what gets you killed.


While in recent times wearers of wrong-coloured baseball caps, people skeptical of the combined goodwill of Big Pharma & politicians and more recently people with the wrong citizenship were drawing the ire and anger of the “good people”, it is obvious to everybody paying attention that Bitcoiners will become a target for one of the next organized hate & cancellation campaigns.

As always during societal collapse, scapegoats are needed and will readily be found – and Bitcoiners make a prime target to channel “the majority’s” anger and hatred towards to.

“Everywhere and always, when human beings either cannot or dare not take their anger out on the thing that has caused it, they unconsciously search for substitutes, and more often than not they find them.” – Rene Girard

Be it clumsy narratives about Bitcoiners boiling the oceans; having “undeserved wealth” or being the reason for financial collapse and suffering – however moronic and stupid the narrative might sound to you, do not expect that not a majority of the society would pick up on it, being enchanted and put into a trance… – riled up to channel their accumulated negative energies onto the next class of victims in their “justified & rightful anger”.

If the past two-and-a-half years have taught us anything, then you should not expect that people act rationally or with kindness, humility and curiosity – but rather leash out and show their worst when they have the chance to mistreat their fellow human beings when given the opportunity.

Very many people on this planet deal with inner trauma, bitterness, anger & disappointment from failing to live up to their potential – and as it is common, time and again, they will look to make sure that nobody else around them has the chance to do better than them.

BitcoinVN outlook on the Internet as communication tool

Our conclusion and expectation is the following:

Our firm will be canceled and deplatformed on any mainstream social media platform within the next 36 months.


Given that the majority of these platforms and their owners have shown open disdain for the values which empower individuals over corporations and are open cheerleaders and supporters for the subjugation and enslavement of mankind to the benefit of the selected few… we ourselves got to make sure that we increase the support of those people who are not on board of the globocorp agenda and do their own part to throw some sand into the machinery of “the system”.

By and large we are optimistic for the future and believe that top-down controlled systems & planned societies won’t work and won’t be sustainable due to their inherent incompatibility with human nature and the god-given order of the universe – however, that won’t prevent these plans from being attempted to be introduced in a forceful manner.

With many victims and sacrifices along the way.

Freedom will prevail, but freedom doesn’t come for free.

Now, why Gab?

Gab team does not mince their words

Yes, we’re very aware of the “image” of the platform and that the majority of the current audience of the platform is interested in very different things than us and our usual client base.

And do we agree with its Founder Andrew Torba and all of his – let’s call it broadly –  “American Patriotism / TradCath” views?

No, but we also don’t have to.

There might be 30% of his positions we agree with, 20% we sympathize with and 50% we disagree with – but that is fine.

Society lives from open debate – and disagreements and ways to resolve them in constructive and competitive ways are part of that. 

What we can tell however is that this is still far more overlap than the current heap of “BigTech” executives who have to play their role as willing Great Reset propaganda operatives under the cloak of disintegrating “wokeism” agendas which – on purpose – rip society apart.

What we can say from our observations of Torba and his project Gab over several years is that he’s not just paying lip service to “standing up to the establishment” as a pure marketing ploy – as so many other grifter platforms which have come & gone over the years – to capitalize on the part of the population and economy which is not yet subdued to the serve the agenda of the Davos class.

He seems in it for the long haul and following his convictions.

Which generates trust in his words.

He seems to understand the game and making the moves necessary to reduce the attack surface – by reducing reliance on various services run by big, regime-aligned corporate infrastructure providers.

Torba và nhóm của anh ấy tiếp tục đầu tư vào cơ sở hạ tầng của riêng mình
Torba and his team keep investing into their own infrastructure

The high-time preference trade-off on “saving money” now by quickly deploying on scalable infrastructure provided by your enemy is not a viable option if you actually play to win the game.

Otherwise you will quickly be put into the position to either enforce the regime agenda – or get shut down and have to start from scratch all over again.

Which is quite possibly a death sentence depending on how much of your business is reliant at that point of time on enemy-controlled third party infrastructure.

Torba and Gab heavily invest into their own technology infrastructure – which is necessary to have a fighting chance in the first place. 

What to expect from BitcoinVN on Gab?

First off:

We strongly believe that politics (and Western politics especially) are brain cancer inducing and harmful to your soul, while channeling your scarce attention onto entities which thrive from harvesting your energy… – and that ongoing participation in these activities will leave you broken and with not much to show for it.

You can’t shape the future by purely focusing on what you “don’t want”. 

You must have a vision and idea of what you want to see more of in the world – and then make sure that your steps and activities align with coming closer to reach these goals.

You must increase strength, leverage, cohesion and control of resources – starting by yourself, your family and your community.

A great many self-policing communities with strong value and merit-based systems which have the means to fend off encroachments by “the system” is what will make the Great Reset fail.

You must increase their costs of attack so much that they don’t have the means to subjugate us all.

And that’s a very likely outcome if we all continue to do our part and keep pushing.

“The system” can only succeed by having us atomized, separated, weak, sick and dependent – with no family and community to fall back on and connect with to solve our problems.

It is important to put our focus and scarce resources on building the new – rather than fighting the old.

Do not give your energy to the enemy – keep it within your family and tribe and help everybody to be stronger, more resilient and better off.

The strong commitment repeatedly voiced to free speech and upholding the First Amendment  by Gab’s Andrew Torba over the years and his long-standing track record gives us the confidence that there is more behind his words than just obvious fluff to fool the recently canceled onto the newest grifter platform of the day.

While we strongly believe that ultimately everything that can be captured, will be captured – if the founding team is not driven by the right principles and ideas or does not understand the battlefield of the war we’re in, the project is doomed to fail and be subsumed from the get-go.


You will continue to see the usual content from us – whatever the platform we chose to distribute.

That might be Odysee, that might be Gab – and whatever other platform and tools that become available to provide for continued exchange and distribution of information and communication with our community and followers.

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