As part of our ongoing efforts to roll out further improvements across our Lightning infrastructure, BitcoinVN has launched its own subpage to see all the relevant data for our routing node on one single page.  

Over the past year the main BitcoinVN Lightning Node has increased its capacity to regularly hover close to the global Top 50 nodes in terms of routing capacity.

Building out the technology in the background is one part (and more is to come), great visualization tools is another part to achieve increased understanding and adoption.

If you are missing any specific data points or graphs or have otherwise feedback for us with regard to the page:

Please let us know via our usual contact forms or our Telegram chat

We are keen to hear from you in order to keep improving our services!

P.S.: If you are either an active user of the services of BitcoinVN, utilizing our API’s or a peer to our Lightning Node we would also suggest following our new Twitter Status account which will report on any service interruptions in a timely manner.