Thoughts of BitcoinVN CEO – Nguyen Tran Bao Phuong on the team’s impressions during their trip to Frankfurt in September 2019 including the attendance of the local Bitcoin Frankfurt Meetup.

Meetup Bitcoin Frankfurt Community

Thanks to Dominik Weil, I had a chance to join a meet-up in #BitcoinFrankfurt Community, which he was playing a key role to establish, and still remaining good connection to until today.

When talking and interacting with Germans, seeing how they work, how to manage, how effective they are… I have to say they are really keeping up with their reputations.

They take everything very serious, they have pictures in their minds what are the possibilities, or the consequences of their actions at extreme levels, 5 steps ahead of everyone else. Therefore, they straightforwardly say NO with even slightly questionable activities. Shady businesses? You can forget about approaching them with those ideas.

Nguyen Tran Bao Phuong, BitcoinVN CEO with Timo from Chaincode Labs and Dominik Weil, BitcoinVN COO
Nguyen Tran Bao Phuong, BitcoinVN CEO with Timo from Chaincode Labs and Dominik Weil, BitcoinVN COO

In order to work with German, or operate your business into Germany, you need to go through series of details – mind blown, painful process, which frankly saying to be impossible if you-don’t-think-the-way-germans-think. Everything needs to be transparent, conducted by an anthorized person. If you are not German, high chance that you don’t even see it’s the problem!
To them, there is no gray area, only black and white. There can’t be anything in between. Everything needs to be finely defined. That’s the 1st step! And IF you definations match their definations is still remain an open question 😅😅

I will give you a vivid example. I joined the meet-up, and everyone had a stand up introduction of simple stuff like name, age, company etc… Dominik gave me a head-up before hand that I am NOT allowed to say something like “I have built strong OTC network in Vietnam, specific in on/off ramp, and if anyone of you wanna connect and corporate…”
This is considered a a PR related scrips, so need to introduced by an entity or something, which already reported, permited by a related German authority. Only after then you are allowed to ‘open your mouth’, otherwise, jail time comingggg 😂😂😂😂.

Funny story as it is, but for you to see…every countries have their own strengths, standards that they are born with. It’s nothing can be explained. I am not talking about 100% of them, but a majority. They are born and raised on that soil, breathe that air, inherit that education, and surrounded by the same high standard community…This more or less can give us a solid base when coming to choose German partners, in business and also personal life!

Không khí tại buổi Meetup Bitcoin Frankfurt Community.

Co-working space in Frankfurt

1. I was visit them at the last days of my trip. Craving for Vietnamese food 🤣🤣🤣so their menu of Vietnamese dishes like a slap to my face. I was standing there, reading the menu and swallowing in. Sooooo desparate !!! 😂😂😂😂 They have lots of Asian delivery service. Tasty foods are hot hot hot everywhere 😛😛

BitcoinVN in Frankfurt

2. Also they have a digital trashbin ??? Anyone know what it is, come in and comment please ?🤔🤔🤔

Digital Trashbin

3. They opened from 2013, but but everything looks so much in order, simple but i can see a style.

Co-working space tại Frankfurt tận dụng công nghệ để tối thiểu hoá chi phí quản lí.

They manage the space with technical gadgets, support apps, and they call for member individual responsibilities. And the whole space or business can be managed by 1 or very few people. Coming from Vietnam, this might be a culture shock as we have so many staff here: office manager, office manager assistance, asisstance of the assistance… 🙄🙄🙄

Kidding, but also serious. I hope one day Vietnamese can be proud for being accountable, responsible, high working outcomes. Not as scammers and being scammed for greeds! Especially now, some Vietnamse are
willingly taking advantages on the lack of knowledge of other Vietnamese. To me, it’s just so sad!!!


This post reflect personal opinions, being constructive, not criticized! Vietnam is my home country after all. And i love things here with all my heart 🙂🙂 Who has known me personally, knowing i have lots of chances to leave, but i chosed to stay!

And for PR purpose: Dominik Weil of #BitcoinVN is 100% German heyyy!! 😂😂😂😂😂